Find your Passion and….

This past weekend I traversed about 360 miles in and around South Florida on networking events and it was, at points, a jaw-dropping experience. Cue to a vaginal rejuvenation demonstration broadcasted in front of the entire lecture hall I was in (yea, wow), followed up by a video on the ommaya reservoir. This ancestral-sounding name actually refers to an intraventricular catheter system wherein a surgeon drills a hole through the scalp and brain to aspirate cerebrospinal fluid or deliver drugs. In this case the orthopedic surgeon on the stage was delivering cerebrospinal fluid to the hippocampus. The patient’s hippocampus grew 48% over two years, and improved their cognitive function. Or how about the sample nootropic product I was given by the 58 year old naturopath who played a memory game with me during Jim Kwik’s speech? I can’t say I felt any effects but one pill isn’t enough to change my baseline.

Speaking of Kwik. Jim Kwik is the IT speaker on brain and memory at the moment. As a young child he had a traumatic brain injury and a learning disability plus anxiety, all of which has since been reversed. His motto today is, “All behavior is belief driven.”  And Kwik hysterically mentioned it is incumbent on us that #NoBrainLeftBehind becomes our mantra.

Unfortunately, a test of the Kwik method rendered me skeptical on the state of my brain. HOWEVER, in the vein of killing ANTS (automatic negative thoughts), one of his key suggestions, I have already implemented some of his improvement strategies, and they are working. To see his program, check this out.

Among the thought leaders I collected a variety of data on the state of our country’s health affairs. Warning, they are sobering.

-1 in 9 kids have ADHD

-18% of adults have anxiety

-15 million adults have depression and 70 million adults have sleep conditions

-Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes is up ~300%

However there is some good news, especially for us millennials. Those born between 1980-2000 make up the largest generation ever with 85 million people. Our collective purchasing power is about 200 billion US Dollars. This gave me some degree of confidence given that anti-aging and preventative medicine are driving healthcare costs down. Technology like genetic tests used to range in the thousands, today a 23andMe ancestry test is $99.00. Brain assessment tests and neurofeedback treatments are even starting to be added to major insurance formularies. Diet and lifestyle resources are coming into the employee benefit plans of major US employers as well. The idea is to stay healthy so the highest costs of healthcare (ambulatory care, hospitalizations, prescription drugs) can be avoided. ß at its most primal.


One of the best parts of my work is that I get to meet and discuss with experts in the field. The passion and commitment is exponential in these forums. This is a field of iconoclasts and rebels who don’t subscribe to the pervasive industrial western lifestyle. Their longevity escape velocity, per the transhumanists, are MUCH faster than mine. And I never know in what way I will be inspired.  We don’t HAVE to get sick, we don’t HAVE to wrinkle like a raisin in the sun, and perhaps we don’t even have to die. Better put, being out in the community reminds why it would be so nice to live indefinitely.




When you really think about robots, it’s a lot of work, like a lot. There are ethical, mechanical, scientific, and philosophical factors. And that isn’t all. Let’s not get started on freshmen year Intro to Logic courses, or HTML and the other million and a half coding languages. As transhumanists or capitalist technologists would say, Robots are the future. They are the ultimate promised land. There is actually so much religious type fervor in this technology its kind of frightening.

img_6380Yea robots are the future and I am mostly happy about it, but there is a strong part of me that feels nostaglic on it too. Especially the devout obsession with them. I believe in God, and prophets, and saintly humans, but I also rationally understand that a lot of it is story. As excited as I am about this field, I will never worship robots, precisely because they have no story. Not on their own anyway.
However, they will make us better, with precautionary design. And here is where the ß is. I believe they will make life wonderful. As in full of wonder and amazement at how smooth and efficient and healthy we, and hopefully our planet, will become. Until we forget and lose how far we have come. Then robotics, AI, cryonics, crypto will all be standard. How long is this time lapse is also a fun debate question.  My guess 2047. I think Kurzweill says much sooner 2020 or something.
Either way this book has been a fascinating read. Whichever side of the coin you are on, robots are coming, and they will be here to stay. Hopefully they aren’t too perfect though!

Namaste Here

Every Monday I head up to Palm Beach Gardens, FL to teach an intermediate level vinyasa yoga class. It is a small Crunch gym (yes you should try my class!) and more of a weight-lifting community, but our yoga bubble has floated on idyllically.

Some of the students are in their 60s and have more stamina than the 20-somethings. Some rather take a savasana practice for the full hour rather than exert any effort. However, one thing has remained constant: their joie de vivre. I can see the days where some are more fatigued than normal, or have their heads elsewhere, but after each class each is a better version of themselves, and that self-reflection is a miracle to watch.

img_6314-1Admittedly I have experienced days where I am a bit depressed or tired, and I wonder where my will to inspire others will come from. But then I walk in the room and see their smiles 🙂 Sometimes they even set up the room for me as they wait to hear the music I will play. It lifts me, and I am back tuned in to what matters! Life, breath, love, friendship. They are unknowing betas (most of them), taking their time to grow through their physical and conscious realms, and truly they are my teachers.

Overall it is such a wonderful experience to see people so different become so united via a passion. Whether or not I know them forever, this Monday has become a movement at Crunch and their yogi prints will be in my heart forever.


See below for LEO, the purveyor of purrfection & purrrrpetually ß …Here is what he taught me:

1. He is more clever than me and he thinks I don’t know it

2. My feet must be delicious because he was biting them all night

3. Playtime is so much more than just play time

4. When things get rough, go for a belly rub….


Now that I am a blogger


I want to tell you every very important thing. Every day! Okay not everyday, that would get a bit squirrely there. But there is this: It is February 6 a day of a great gift! The man, Bob Marley. Not that we need another reason celebrate our celestial dance, but we ought to acknowledge, right? 

Bob is the reason and he is perpetually beta. He is the reason we have reggae as a scale of consciousness it now is. Not an easy feat in the culture episode he lived through. Taking the high road each time, amidst bigots, incorrigibles, and misfortune. He was able to connect the meaning, and the affable cool of reggae lifestyle, which opened the masses to his genre. He brought the redemption of revolution on many levels healing listeners, and moving us all forward.

Just like the music- the drums move you forward. No matter the tone, you know the music stays in you. Some doubters say the rhythm of reggae is lacking, yet I happen to love it. I love it a LOT.  It’s soothing, loving, meaningful. And we can still danceeeeee. 

Damien, myself and an old friend in Philly 2014. Met Kymani too in 2012 in Seaside NJ!

My First Song

Thanks for joining me on my new blog venture ❤

This is the man I spent NYE 2017 with! zoauve

As first month of the new year closes to end- I can’t help but revisit how much I have done in the last 2 months. 21 days on the road in December from Las Vegas to London to Paris.

Paris in particular hasn’t left my mind. It is an awe-inspiring city for beauty lovers like myself. PLUS lately the fake news has covered Paris everywhere.

Quick tidbit about the Zouave: He stands tall on the Pont de l’Alma and has been the traditional marker for record flooding of the Seine. He was built as a tribute to a specialized North African military regiment active during the Crimean War. I believe his shoulder was the highest water height on record.

Anyway it was a perfect spot to dazzle in front of the Eiffel and overheard the roaring crowd near Champs Elysee as the clock hit midnight in the City of Love.

Coming back to the States after Paris was sort of like eating Wonder bread after indulging in a French baguette. Tickled the taste buds were not.

As we approach the second month of the year, lets not forget what got us here. Ciao for now.